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Why you are important in this election…

I’m excited to receive so much support in my campaign for Butte County Superintendent of Schools. Parents, educators and even education officials statewide have endorsed my candidacy—but, for me, the most valuable endorsement will be yours.

Please explore these pages to find out why I’m running (short answer: It’s the kids!) and learn more about me, my background and what I want for our students and schools (short answer: Success!).

Questions? Email me or call (530/680-9248). I love talking about education and how our county office creates better communities and benefits every school and every student.

If you’re not registered yet to vote, do it now so you can have a voice in this important election. You can even register online with the California Secretary of State’s office.

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5 months ago


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Congratulations, Mary! I know you will do an awesome job. So proud of your accomplishments.

Congrats, Mary!



You are an amazing lady and I look forward to watch your continued success!!! Congratulations Mary!


Yay!!!! Congratulations!!!!


We love you!!!❤️😘


Another new chapter!!!

Awesome!! Congrats!!

You will do the job with style & grace!! Thank you for stepping up to do this!


Congratulations! Butte County is lucky to have you!

Congratulations!!! Obviously, the voters knew what a great job you’ll do for them😁

Congratulations! You will be awesome!

Well done, Mary!

Congratulations Aunt Mary!

Congrats Superintendent Mary Von Rotz Sakuma. Great to know that the voters of Butte county knew the right person for the job. I believe a celebratory occasion is in order. Hope to see you soon. Congrats again


Good for you!!! Congratulations 🎊🍾

Congratulations Aunt Mary!!! You will do an outstanding job. Butte County is so lucky to have you!!

Congratulations Mary!!! 👏👏👏👏

Congratulations Mary!!🎉😄

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7 months ago

Todays students are certainly tomorrows leaders--and these STEM ninjas exemplify that! My thanks to these teens for helping introduce these important concepts to our youngest students.

Today's students are certainly tomorrow's leaders--and these STEM ninjas exemplify that! My thanks to these teens for helping introduce these important concepts to our youngest students.Our STEM ninjas are making STEM magic at Wyandotte Elementary! Thanks to an innovative partnership with BCOE our teens are helping elementary students discover and explore a set of thinking, reasoning, teamwork, investigative, and creative skills that they can use in all areas of their lives. Michelle Zevely Mary Sakuma ... See MoreSee Less

8 months ago

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