Endorsed by:

Parents, community leaders and educators—both local and statewide—support Mary Sakuma for Superintendent of Schools in Butte County. They know that Mary brings the best blend of experience, education and passion to the position.

Mary Sakuma will make a great Butte County Superintendent of Schools because she knows the real work of teachers, principals and superintendents given her career of serving students. I am proud to endorse her candidacy for Butte County Superintendent of Schools.

Tom Torlakson, California State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Mary is proud to be endorsed by:

State and County Educational Leaders

  • Tom Torlakson
    State Superintendent of Public Instruction (2011 to date)
  • Jack O’Connell
    State Superintendent of Public Instruction  (2003-2011)
  • Tim Taylor
    Outgoing Butte County Superintendent of Schools


From left, Jack O’Connell, Mary and Tim Taylor.

The parents and taxpayers of Butte County will be well served by Mary Sakuma as the next County Superintendent of Schools. Mary’s experience and dedication to the local public schools is simply unmatched and she will bring the kind of innovation and dedication we need to improve the education of all our students.

Jack O’Connell, former California State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Community Leaders

  • Kory Honea
    Butte County Sheriff
  • Steve Lambert
    Butte County Supervisor, District 4

Mary has the experience, knowledge and passion to lead our schools into a bright future. She leads with integrity and honesty and her focus is on children first.

Tim Taylor, Outgoing Butte County Superintendent of Schools

District Superintendents (Butte County)

  • Greg Blake
    Superintendent Thermalito ESD
  • Roger Bylund
    Superintendent, Retired, and Interim Superintendent Bangor ESD
  • Doug Kaelin
    Superintendent Biggs USD
  • Minden King
    Superintendent Manzanita ESD
  • Kelly Staley
    Superintendent Chico USD
  • Lloyd Webb
    Superintendent Durham USD

Other Education Leaders

  • John McIntosh, Superintendent, Retired
  • Meagan Meloy
  • Dr. Walt Schafer, Ph.D.
  • Susan Hukkanen, Assistant Superintendent, BCOE
  • Michelle Zevely, Assistant Superintendent, BCOE
  • Melinda Self, Superintendent, Retired


  • Tad Alexander, Assistant Superintendent
  • Paul Arnold, Superintendent, Retired
  • Roger Steel, BCOE Board; Superintendent, Retired
  • Tom Armelino, Superintendent, Retired. Currently Executive Director, National Association of School Superintendents
  • Bill Cornelius, Superintendent, Retired

Teachers & Other Education Professionals

  • Joe Crispin
  • Rachel Frank
  • John Howlett, Chico Planning Commission
  • Terri Tozier

  • Ray Barber
  • Valerie Barber
  • Jaime Gonzalez
  • Marjie Gibson Starkey

  • Cheryl Yoshimura-Thompson
  • Jeff Flores
  • Helen Eicholtz

Community / Business

  • Rick Huston
  • Lisa Huston
  • Heather Cooper
  • Jack Danielson
  • Blake Danielson
  • Richard Farley
  • Adriana Farley
  • Susan Heiman
  • Susan von Rotz
  • Jen Liu
  • Janet Lambert

  • Curtis LeMire
  • Brian Logue
  • Marjorie McIntosh
  • Leslie Vermillion
  • Chris Hoffman
  • Ronda Hoffman
  • Niklaus von Rotz
  • Becky Gordon
  • Joseph Stricker, DDS
  • Larry Bradley

  • Dona Bertain
  • Michael Bertain
  • Austin Johnson
  • Mike Wysong
  • Tom Lee
  • Gigi Lee
  • Eric Waterbury
  • Ravi Saip
  • Roy Ellis
  • Jan Ellis
  • James Kirks, Jr.

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