Endorsed by:

Parents, community leaders and educators—both local and statewide—support Mary Sakuma for Superintendent of Schools in Butte County. They know that Mary brings the best blend of experience, education and passion to the position.

I proudly endorsed Mary Sakuma for Butte County Superintendent of Schools when she first ran for the position in 2018 and her work in the past four years has done nothing but increase my support for Mary. Despite community-wide wildfires and a pandemic, Mary has led with professionalism and dedication; her accomplishments in the role are admirable. I’m proud once again to endorse Mary Sakuma for Butte County Superintendent of Schools.

Jack O’Connell, former California State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Mary is proud to be endorsed by:

State and County Educational Leaders

  • Jack O’Connell
    State Superintendent of Public Instruction  (2003-2011)
  • Tom Armelino
    Executive Director, California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (2018 – 2021), Retired Superintendent
  • Tim Taylor
    Outgoing Butte County Superintendent of Schools

 Community Leaders

  • Kory Honea
    Butte County Sheriff
  • Steve Lambert
    Butte County Supervisor, District 4

District Superintendents (Butte County)

  • Gregory Blake
    Superintendent Thermalito UESD
  • Doug Kaelin
    Superintendent Biggs USD
  • Joshua Peete
    Superintendent/Principal Golden Feather UESD
  • Kelly Staley
    Superintendent Chico USD

Other Education Leaders

  • Mary Cox
    Educator, Executive Director, CORE Butte Charter
  • Meagan Meloy
    Director, School Ties & Prevention Services
  • Clark Redfield
    Superintendent (Retired), Gridley USD
  • Melinda Self 
    Superintendent (Retired)


  • Casey Taylor
    Educator, Executive Director, Achieve Charter
  • Terri Tozier
    Principal (Retired)
  • Michelle Zevely
    Associate Superintendent, BCOE

Teachers & Other Education Professionals

  • Rachel Frank, Teacher
  • Steve Herman, Retired Teacher
  • John Howlett, Teacher
  • Linda Scarff, Retired Teacher

Community / Business

  • Alex “Tad” Alexander, Associate Superintendent, business development, BCOE
  • Roland Allen, business owner
  • Grandmaster Farshad Azad, Owner, Azad’s Martial Arts
  • Ann Bates, Executive Assistant, BCOE
  • Larry Bradley, Farmer
  • Amy Christianson, Business Owner, Trainer/ Educator
  • Heather Cooper, Realtor
  • Blake Danielson, Business Owner
  • Jack Danielson, Business Owner, retired teacher
  • Jacqueline Dillard, Communications Officer, BCOE
  • Rebecca Gordon, community member
  • Susan Heimann, Retired Realtor
  • Eric Hoiland, College Administrator
  • Cyndie Holderbein, Internal Auditor / Document Analyst, Lares Research
  • Lisa Huston, Retired HR Executive
  • Rick Huston, Retired Maintenance & Operations Manager
  • Margaret “Gigi” Lee, community member

  • Dr. Shaun Michael Lee, DDS
  • Dr. Thomas “Tom” M. Lee, DDS, (retired)
  • Dr. Yehoon Ahn Lee, DDS
  • Jen Liu, Retired, Software Developer
  • Brian Logue, Business Owner
  • David Lusk, Retired
  • Neil Meyer, Retired
  • Christy Patterson, Executive Director, Butte Schools Self-Funded Programs
  • Stephen Plume, business owner, self-employed
  • Philip M. Price, retired
  • Cindy Redfield, community member
  • Jim Scarff, retired, business owner
  • Keith Scoles, Banker
  • Niklaus von Rotz, Owner: von Rotz Farms
  • Susan von Rotz, Retired RN
  • Rachel Young, Accounting Analyst
  • Robin Zanon, Interior Decorator, Owner: Gallery Interiors, Oroville

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