What’s important to Mary:

Our communities know best what our students need and that’s why the Butte County Office of Education is so important: BCOE supports local schools so they can better help every student in Butte County succeed.

Mary Sakuma has worked in classrooms, guiding students. As a school principal, she’s supported teachers to be the best they can be for their students. And, as a school district superintendent she provided the leadership to manage the business of schools—and partnered with staff and the community to create great schools.

“BCOE’s mission statement embodies what I truly believe in. It states that BCOE is, ‘Committed to the success of every student and the excellence of every educator.'”

“I will serve every student, family and educator in each community in Butte County by supporting and partnering with districts and schools to increase student achievement and outcomes.”

Mary’s priorities for BCOE include:

  • Supporting and partnering with our districts and schools to increase student achievement and outcomes.
  • Addressing the academic, safety, social/emotional and behavioral support needs of all students.
  • Investing in our students and our educators through the development and facilitation of high quality programs and initiatives with proven results, with a focus on early literacy, career pathways, and the development of future teachers and leaders.
  • Advocating for all students at the local, state, and federal levels.
  • Leading with an entrepreneurial spirit by bringing grants and  contracts into the county to provide more resources for students.

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